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    Welcome Back, Games and Summer Camps are on as scheduled with the following  rules.

    General public will not be allowed in the building. Below are our rules to responsibly reopen. These procedures include limits on the number of people to remain below 50% capacity, and social distancing recommendations.  

    The mask mandate does not apply to players, coaches, or refs during a LumberYard event.


    • All high-touch surfaces will be treated between activities.
    • Hand sanitizing stations will be located along the traffic pattern and be clearly marked.


    It is your responsibility to assure the following:

    • Only 2 guardians with each athlete. This keeps us to under 50% of building capacity
    • You, your athlete, or anyone in your household must have no symptoms and all hands have been washed/disinfected before entering the facility
    • You and your athlete abide by the highly predictable traffic pattern. Enter the rink, put skates on. Leave the rink with no detours within the facility
    • Participants may only arrive 10 minutes before their scheduled activity.  As such, we recommend that athletes enter the facility fully dressed (other than skates).
    • All athletes and guardians must leave within 10 minutes of their scheduled activity ending.
    • Guardians and athletes should follow social distancing when in the building including when tying skates.
    • No seating, tables or work areas with WIFI available. 


    • Dress mostly at home. Each team will have a locker room and there will be additional space on benches just inside the front door for those that want to tie skates there.
    • Players will not congregate at the door of the rink. When skates are tied, head to the benches and stay spread out until the door opens to go on the ice.
    • There is room outside the benches for those players that wish to stay spread out further.
    • Keep gloves on after skates are tied, including during the duration of the event.   
    • Water bottles allowed but no sharing and must be filled at home.
    • No more than two coaches on the bench.
    • Do not come if you feel sick or have a fever

    Mask mandate does not apply to players, coaches or refs.


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