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Astroturf Field Area


The LumberYard Hockey and Sports Center Fieldhouse offers a climate-controlled turf field space idea for all types of sports conditioning and team practices.

Turf area: 80' X 40'. Ideal for small-area soccer, lacrosse, speedball and kickball games, baseball practice, team training and sports conditioning.

Other Uses:

1. Pitching Instruction

2. Hitting Instruction

‚Äč3. Catcher Instruction

4. Football Skill development

5. Speed Training

6. Strength Training

7. Fielding Clinics

8. Soccer Instruction

9. Goalie Instruction

10. Golf training

11. Birthday Parties

Shelly Nutzmann

Phone: 6514392011

Turf Information

Phone: 651-439-2011

Fieldhouse Rental

Hourly Rate
Astroturf $65
Weight Room $90
Skills and Shooting Area $65
Slideboard Area/Pitching Lanes $65