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The Long Term Athletic Development Area


One way we separate ourselves from our competitors at The LumberYard is by incorporating non-traditional hockey training.  Our Long Term Athletic Development Area includes Olympic rings & climbing ropes.  Use of this specialized equipment during the early stages of player development is critical in challenging young athletes to develop body and mind awareness.

The long-term athletic development of each athlete is our main focus.

Full Gym/Strength and Conditioning Training

The gym area consists of squat racks, Olympic lifting platforms, spinning bikes, and free weights.  There is an additional area devoted to plyometric and other dryland training.


The LumberYard designs age-appropriate dryland training programs to help athletes focus on footwork, speed, agility, balance, explosiveness, skating specific exercises, and cardio development.

Using ladders, jump ropes, boxes, band work, hurdle work, and skating specific exercises, we make workouts fun and dynamic, while increasing strength and power in the proper skating position.


We use plyometrics to help develop quickness, power, balance, and explosive lateral movements.


For older athletes, The LumberYard incorporates squat racks, free weights and Olympic platforms into the strength and conditioning workout. We focus on all major muscle groups for overall athletic strength.

Woodway Blade Skating Treadmill and Synthetic Ice Area

The Woodway Blade Skating Treadmill is a hockey specific treadmill designed to teach proper technique, improve balance, and increase strength, speed, and stamina. The treadmill is surrounded by the Kwik-Rink synthetic ice surface. This surface provides a realistic on-ice experience, allowing players to pass, shoot, puck handle, and skate.